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Concept Refinement Specialists

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Our Passion is Credibility

The Corps is a collection of applied science and engineering professionals complemented by a diverse network of subject matter experts (SME). We leverage our independent and objective expertise to fill gaps, lend credibility, and provide perspective that ultimately enhances program capture, accelerates technology development, and aides in the delivery of viable solutions. 

Corps Capabilities

Concept Refinement Specialists

The Corps can quickly assess any development or optimization need, assemble a targeted team of SME's, define options, identify and/or fabricate candidate solutions, and assist in the technology transfer.   The Corps provides rapid innovation for immediate application by coupling technology with practicality and integrating it from a multidisciplinary, “boots on the ground” perspective. 

Corps Commitment

Hard Wired to Deliver Selflessly

Our team is educated, experienced, diversified, and time tested. The Corps goal is to complement our customers’ team of experts and provide low-cost, low-risk concept vetting and validation. The Corps can lend both technical and nontechnical perspective through all development phases to ensure that customers receive solutions that are on-time, on-target, and on-budget.    

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9179 AA Highway | California, KY | 41007